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Specialists in the design and manufacture of monitors and analysers for industrial infrared temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions. Read more.

Product Focus

LAND has introduced an all new range of Cyclops portable thermometers with major improvements to the design, software and usability over the existing B Models. The new L models introduce to the market several new features including a unique ‘Route’ mode plus:

  • New Internal storage of up to 9999 readings; including date & time stamp. Download by USB or Bluetooth®
  • New PC and Mobile Logger software for logging and retrieval of measurement data plus Route management
  • New Unique ‘Route’ mode, a method of identifying multiple measurement locations around your plant and setting a route to follow each time you recheck these locations. Trends in the data can be readily identified and corrective action taken where anomalies present themselves.
  • New Ruggedized design including both instrument and lens protection enhancements
  • UKAS calibration on all models (option)

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The new SPOT thermometer is now available with the introduction of the R100 model.

The SPOT range will introduce some important new features to the market including....

  • SPOT can be configured locally using the instrument interface or remotely using the webserver, both sharing identical capabilities
  • SPOT uses a green LED (patent-pending) to confirm both target size and focus distance. No laser safety issues
  • SPOT does not require a separate signal processor....everything is handled by the on-board processor
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Model 4500 MkIII Opacity and Dust Emissions Compliance Monitor

Opacity and Dust Emissions Compliance Monitor

The Land Model 4500 MkIII has reset the industry standard on compliance opacity and dust concentration measurement. Combining the unique features of three patented technologies, the 4500 MkIII achieves the highest available specification for the principal performance parameters, as defined by the internationally recognized ASTM Standard D 6216-07.

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vIRalert Fever Screening System - helping to combat the threat of the Corona virus / H1N1

When rapid screening of a large number of people is required to prevent the spread of fever, the most effective method is the vIRalert fever screening system. The system can be installed to look at the faces of people passing through a doorway. If elevated temperatures are detected an alarm will sound to enable staff to take the person away for a more detailed consultation with a health care professional.

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LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner

The LAND LSP-HD represents the latest generation of LANDSCAN Infrared Linescanner products. Scanning performance of 1000 data points at up to 150Hz sets a new benchmark in terms of process imaging definition. An Ethernet data connection straight from the sensor head removes the requirement for a separate processor whilst the adoption of Power over Ethernet technology (PoE) means all electrical connections are made with a single industrial Ethernet M12 connector.

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Latest News


Get to know Richard Gagg one of our Product Managers

Hello, I am Richard Gagg, the Global Product Manager for Infrared Temperature Measurement products and systems including the new Cyclops L range of portable infrared more

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Fire in the Coal Mil

Hoosier Energy is a power generation and distribution company in the American Midwest. They have been using AMETEK Land Millwatch analyzers at their Merom Station since 2011, and have had zero incidents in that time. AMETEK Land Product Manager, Derek Stuart, and Todd Collins of Hoosier Energy shared their practical experience in the March 2014 issue of World Coal - Read it here.


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AMETEK reward Tech Leader in India

Ravi Sharma has been part of the AMETEK India Engineering team since 2010. He has grown steadily over the years and is currently designated as a Tech Lead for the AMETEK Land Business Unit.

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Gold Cup - the Ultimate Reference Pyrometer for Reformer Tubes

Reformer tube measurements rely on the accurate determination of tube surface emissivity and require a method of compensating for reflections from the surrounding furnace environment. There may also be interference to these measurements caused by "dirty" furnace atmospheres.

AMETEK Land offers a modern solution to overcome these complications based on an innovative principle.

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HotSpot Detection in Hazardous Areas

AMETEK Land has successfully supplied a hazardous area, continuous thermal monitoring system in Saudi Arabia. We were approached to supply a pile monitoring system for combustible materials (including pet coke) in a hazardous storage area.  Learn more about our solution based around ARC thermal imaging cameras…

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