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SPOT R100 - Multimode infrared thermometer for metal heat treatment applications

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SPOT Thermometers

Spot Thermometer

SPOT thermometer

The NEW SPOT is an innovative stand-alone infrared pyrometer design with advanced integrated processing capabilities. The latest technologies utilized in SPOT make non-contact infrared temperature measurement accurate, flexible and easy to use.

The design team behind the SPOT thermometer are highly commended at the British Engineering Excellence awards....find out more

What makes the SPOT Thermometer unique ?

  • The combination of Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Video and analog all from one device
  • Confirmation of focus distance and spot size
  • Multiple form factors enable easy replacement of other thermometers
  • Uses two independent wavelength measurements


The R100 offers 5 differing operating modes


SPOT Thermometer - Showing the User InterfaceFIVE OPERATING MODES

The SPOT R100 offers different operating
modes selectable from the set-up menu

Ratio    Short wavelength ratio design

Mono 1    Shorter wavelength, medium to high temperatures

Mono 2    Longer wavelength, low to medium temperatures

Multi    Extended range - Ratio in the mid and high range with low temperature monochromatic with Emissivity correction

Duo    Extended range - Mono 2 at low temperatures, Mono 1 at high temperatures, using a combination of the two at medium temperatures

This flexibility of design enables the SPOT R100 to adapt to multiple temperature measurement scenarios.  Change your materials or process parameters and continue to use the same instrument.  

Updating from an older sensor to SPOT form factor is flexible and easy.



Overview - SPOT

Combining Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Video, Analog and Alarm Outputs within one device, SPOT makes all these conveniently available to the operator. Pyrometer readings and configuration settings are available on the rear display and remotely via a web browser or through SPOTViewer software.

SPOT Thermometer - user interface

The SPOT infrared thermometer includes a visual camera (see image). This aids target alignment

Motorized focus - SPOT features both local and remote adjustment..

Flexible design with adapters provide simplified installation and easy replacement of older thermometers. 

SPOT is designed to be interchangeable with existing fixed spot pyrometers.




Image: SPOT User Interface - Visual 'live' camera display of moving target

What is SPOT Viewer?

The LAND Spot Viewer is a PC-based utility that allows you to connect, configure, and view data from a Spot thermometer. It is a cost option.

The Spot Viewer Software communicates to the instrument using Modbus TCP/IP communications. To establish a connection, the Spot Viewer Software needs to be configured to use the IP address of the connected instrument

The IP address of the instrument that is used to establish a connection with the SPOT Viewer can be configured from the Status Bar.

The viewer software can be installed on a Windows-based PC. It runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8

SPOT VIEWER - A valuable option

 LAND SPOTViewer software allows you to configure, display and log data from up to 254 different thermometer locations. To ensure security with multiple users, various levels of access are available. Data log frequency, file size, save and Archive locations are all configurable.

SPOTViewer is the perfect choice for smaller operations where advanced process control systems may be absent.

Key Benefits


  •   Single person installation at sensor location - local display and settings; no need for a second person in the control room Industry standard 4-20mA linear temperature output - in addition to other outputs
  • Software - SPOTViewer provides remote graphical display and data logging of multiple SPOT pyrometers 
  • Password Access - prevents unauthorized tampering
  • Durable Sapphire Protection Window - resists scratches, solvents and easily cleaned with a soft or rough cloth
  • Modbus TCP - widely used and popular industrial protocol over Ethernet
  • Single Sensor Solution - Ideal for use with customer PLC’s or DCS systems; no requirement for a separate processor. Easy to implement in small or large organizations        

Key Features diagram 1