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AMETEK Land, working in partnership with furnace monitoring system manufacturer SVA Industrie Fernseh (SVA), has developed a new housing and pneumatic auto-retraction system for AMETEK Land’s renowned NIR-B (Near Infrared Borescope) Glass thermal imaging solution for glass furnace applications.
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View our webinar where we will introduce advances in non-contact temperature measurement for aluminum extruders, including its SPOT AL EQS pyrometer and actuator. Attendees will learn how understanding temperature and controlling press speed and quench rates during the aluminum extrusion process are critical to producing products that have the required quality and properties. VIEW WEBINAR

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AMETEK Land announces the reintroduction of the FGA 900 Series, its compact and fully integrated continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) for flue gas measurements on processes burning natural gas and biomass. 
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AMETEK Land has announced its latest innovation, the SPOT actuator, for enhanced targeted alignment of its popular SPOT pyrometers. The SPOT actuator provides remotely controlled target alignment of a SPOT pyrometer for even greater accuracy in temperature measurement for aluminium processing applications that use the SPOT AL EQS (Aluminium Extrusion Quench and Strip) pyrometer. 

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AMETEK Land will present and exhibit at ACI’s 7th Annual European Biomass to Power conference, November 8-9, 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark.

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