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AMETEK Land has announced that it will make a version of its portable Cyclops 055L-2F Meltmaster non-contact thermometer in India specifically for the local foundry market. AMETEK Land will assemble the Cyclops 055L-2F Meltmaster sold in India at its India Service Centre in Bangalore to provide added benefits to the Indian foundry market. 

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AMETEK Land has enhanced its senior management team with the appointment of Christopher Leonard to the role of Director of Development and Product Management. 

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Richard Gagg, Industry Manager - Metals and Industrial Processing for AMETEK Land, looks at how accurate temperature measurement is critical in aluminium rolling and extrusion processing. The article addresses the importance of accurately measuring the temperature at various stages in the manufacturing of these wrought aluminium products, particularly rolled aluminium, presenting both challenges and solutions. Read the full article in Light Metal Age - December 2017.

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Derek Stuart, Industry Product Manager - Power for AMETEK Land, illustrates early detection techniques of spontaneous combustion in coal storage and transportation and highlights their importance for plant safety. Read the full article in World Coal - October 2017.
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AMETEK Land, working in partnership with furnace monitoring system manufacturer SVA Industrie Fernseh (SVA), has developed a new housing and pneumatic auto-retraction system for AMETEK Land’s renowned NIR-B (Near Infrared Borescope) Glass thermal imaging solution for glass furnace applications.
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