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Introducing the NEW SPOT R210 and M210 Pyrometers

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Product Focus

AMETEK Land launches the 210 Series into the SPOT range

The M210 and R210 offer both the high accuracy expected from AMETEK Land products combined with a wide temperature range down to 50°C and 125°C respectively.

M210 50 to 1100 °C / 122 to 2012 °F - Single wavelength 2.3 µm
R210 125 to 1100 °C / 257 to 2012 °F - Two wavelengths 2.1 µm and 2.4 µm

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With award winning design, featuring the latest connectivity and user interfaces, try the SPOT simulator.

Fully supported with our free to download SPOTViewer software and our comprehensive SPOTServer software which supports up to 40 SPOT thermometers simultaneously.


Cyclops Logger software

The Land Cyclops Logger Software allows you to connect a Land Cyclops portable thermometer to a mobile device and view, analyze and record live temperature readings.

Get the software here for free!

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Suitable for all new Cyclops L Models

  • Cyclops 055 L Meltmaster - for Liquid Metals
  • Cyclops 100 L - High Temperature applications
  • Cyclops 160 L - Medium Temperature applications
  • Cyclops 390 L - For Furnace applications

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New Model 4650-PM meets US-EPA PS-11

The new Model 4650-PM particulate monitor can measure at very low dust concentrations below 0.1mg/m3 and meets US-EPA Performance Specification 11 (PS-11). The Model 4650-PM is suitable for modern industrial plant, where emissions are controlled well below the application and minimum detection limit of traditional optical transmission systems.

AMETEK Land now has a comprehensive product range to meet both compliance and non-compliance opacity and dust applications.

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LAND has introduced an all new range of Cyclops portable thermometers with major improvements to the design, software and usability over the existing B Models.

The new L models introduce to the market several new features including a unique ‘Route’ mode plus:

  • New Internal storage of up to 9999 readings; including date & time stamp. Download by USB or Bluetooth®
  • New PC and Mobile Logger software for logging and retrieval of measurement data plus Route management
  • New Unique ‘Route’ mode, a method of identifying multiple measurement locations around your plant and setting a route to follow each time you recheck these locations. Trends in the data can be readily identified and corrective action taken where anomalies present themselves.
  • New Ruggedized design including both instrument and lens protection enhancements
  • UKAS calibration on all models (option)

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NIR Borescope

New Fixed Thermal Imaging Camera range provides key temperature measurement information from inside a hot process.

The new NIR Borescope installs through the outer wall and is sealed to process, giving a precise, continuous view of the internal temperature profile. Fixed measurement points provide continuity and integral trending information for process control.

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Latest News


AMETEK Land Instruments, based in Sheffield, England is celebrating the 45th anniversary of its UKAS accredited infrared temperature calibration laboratory.

It was the first UKAS laboratory to be accredited, back in 1970, for the issue of Calibration Certificates for thermal measurements and also the first to be accredited for the issue of certificates that met the requirements of ISO 17025 (calibration of equipment). more

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NABL logo

LAND India thermometer/pyrometer calibration lab has been accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories) from 31st March 2015.

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For the first time we are making available both free and trial product software downloads on the website.

This new system provides information on the software and the related products available.

Initially there will be downloads for:

  • Cyclops Logger Software (Free Download)
  • SPOT Viewer Software (Free Download)
  • LIPS ERF File Browser (Free Download)
  • Cyclops Logger Mobile (Free Download)

We plan to add more software over the coming months into this Download area on the website.

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The NEW SPOT Server Software enhances the functionality of the SPOT Viewer software to provide storage and analysis of data from multiple spot thermometers. A highly flexible user interface allows the user to simultaneously  display and analyse the data from up to 40 SPOT thermometers

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Model 4200+ non-compliance opacity and dust emissions monitorThe new Land Model 4200+ monitor is a simple, reliable and accurate opacity and dust monitor. It has no moving parts so reliability is assured, and it is ideal for applications where an automatic calibration check is not required.

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