Infrared Temperature Measurement | Combustion & Environmental Monitoring


In-line Measurement and Control for Metals Processing 2017


Warwick, United Kingdom

06/12/2017- 07/12/2017

AMETEK Land is pleased to be exhibiting at In-Line Measurement and Control Processing 2017, which will offer those in academia, the metals processing industry and R&D, as well as specialist industries and communities, the opportunity to learn and share experience from this exciting and developing field of research activity.  

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Nitrogen + Syngas 2018


Gothia Towers, Gothenburg, Sweden

26/02/2018- 01/03/2018

AMETEK Land is pleased to be exhibiting at Nitrogen + Syngas 2018, the extensive programme showcases the latest technological developments to improve efficiency and compliance, and with case studies from operators and on health and safety, provides an excellent forum for engineers to share experience and develop solutions to common operational problems.

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Glassman Latin America 2018


Jalisco A, Expo Guadalajara,Guadalajara, Mexico

21/03/2018- 22/03/2018

AMETEK Land is pleased to be taking part in Glassman Latin America 2018, an event that brings together international experts, glass container manufacturers and businesses that use glass containers to discover the latest innovations which include energy efficiency, quality control, packaging, logistics and decorative possibilities.


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Glass TEXpo 2018


Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, United States of America

10/05/2018- 11/05/2018

AMETEK Land is pleased to be exhibiting at Glass TEXpo, providing the architectural glass and metal industry one convenient location to meet, network and stay on top of current trends and developments.

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European Society of Glass 2018

Saint-Malo, France

08/07/2018- 11/07/2018

AMETEK Land is pleased to be exhibiting at European Society of Glass 2018, the conference will showcase the latest developments in glass technology and European Regulations.

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Aluminium 2018


Messe, Düsseldorf, Germany

09/10/2018- 11/10/2018

AMETEK Land is pleased to be exhibiting at Aluminium 2018, a must-attend event for the aluminium industry and a powerful sourcing platform by producers, processors and also end-consumers as well as technology suppliers. Aluminium 2018 is showcasing international innovations from the entire value chain.

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