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Continuous Annealing

Application of Landscan to Continuous Strip Processing Lines has been a growth area, with over 50 Landscan installations world-wide.

Plants producing high grade material with demanding consistency requirements for use in automotive body parts or for white goods, have quickly recognized that the enhanced information and detailed process data from a Landscan system is critically important in meeting today's Quality Assurance objectives.


  • Yield enhancements attributable to more consistent product temperature distributions.
  • Database - trending for QA, statistical summaries, and downstream customers' Certificates of Conformity etc.
  • Enhanced understanding by Process Development and Research of the coil coating process leading to more effective problem solving and enhance efficiency.
  • Galvanizing - Top of snout location - analogue outputs from a Landscan system feed furnace damper controls. The resulting even temperature profile across the strip results in a uniform coating thickness.

Continuous Annealing Line


Exit of each induction heater stage or exit furnace Entry to last cooler in Rapid Cooling Section (RCS) Exit of RCS Exit cooled rolls after RCS

Paint Coating Lines


At exit of heating section- Landscan's analogue outputs interface with heater bank controls for closed loop control