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AMETEK Land, acknowledged leaders in the field of temperature measurement, have supplied the paper manufacturing industry throughout the world with temperature measuring equipment for over 60 years. Today, AMETEK Land manufacture a whole range of measurement instruments specifically designed for the paper industry. All are designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate measurements under plant operating conditions. 

AMETEK Land specialists in non-contact infrared temperature measurement and process thermal imaging to help improve process control and product quality problems

l for the full understanding and efficient control of paper manufacture and processing. 

Super Calender Roll


Today’s fine papers are finished in a super calendering stack. This stack of rolls consists of alternating hard and soft faced rolls which are pushed together under pressure.Paper is fed through this stack and as the paper progresses through these rolls it becomes increasingly smoother and obtains a finer surface finish.The soft faced rolls in these machines are covered with a pliable polymer or felt coating.

The Problem

As production rates and temperatures rise, the possibility of overheating a roll, causing a blister or losing the coating increases. Coated rolls can be repaired, but the cost can be tens of thousands of dollars and the associated downtime further adds to this. The coated rolls rotate at high speeds and some of the developing hot spots can be quite tiny so it is impossible to detect these developing problems by using traditional methods.

The Challange

A method of detecting these developing hot spots and sending an alarm to the process operators would prevent these costly shutdowns. Traditional methods such as visual inspection and single point pyrometers do not have the speed nor the resolution to meet the application demands.

The Solution

The HotSpotIR High-speed Scanning System is used to detect these emerging hot spots. The HotSpotIR samples up to 100,000 high resolution temperature points every second. The hottest point measured is updated every 0.01 seconds. The system covers a measuring range of 68 °F to 482 °F (20 °C to 250 °C).The HotSpotIR is easy to install, a quick release mounting bracket allows quick fitting and maintenance. The mounting bracket is keyed so that the exact same alignment is achieved when returning it to the mounting. A single, quick release cable connects the sensor to the alarm processor.The HotSpotIR processor provides high speed alarm contacts that are sent to the control room for operator attention.