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AMETEK Land Presents on 'Early Detection of Spontaneous Combustion' at European Biomass To Power

AMETEK Land will present and exhibit at ACI’s 7th Annual European Biomass to Power conference, November 8-9, 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Manfred Hayk, Business Development Manager at AMETEK Land, will present “Early Detection of Spontaneous Combustion”. The presentation looks at the characteristics of biomass fuel and how those characteristics make it difficult and potentially dangerous to store and transport biomass fuels due to their susceptibility to spontaneous heating and combustion. Hayk will discuss techniques that can be applied to detect early stages of spontaneous heating and combustion, including gas measurement in silos and storage vessels, infrared temperature measurements in open/semi-enclosed spaces, and infrared line scanning for material moving on conveyors.

AMETEK Land, in partnership with Hans Buch, its distributor for Denmark, will exhibit at the conference Silowatch extractive CO monitors for pellet silos, ARC thermal imagers for inside storage domes and silos and Land HotSpotIR line scanning pyrometers on conveyors. In all cases, the analysers have variants approved for use in Hazardous Area locations and provide valuable information to the plant operator and assist in maintaining high levels of site reliability and safety.





Published: 01/11/2017 14:48

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