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AMETEK Land to Present Reliable Temperature Measurement in Iron Casting at India's Casting a Greener Future Conference

AMETEK Land has revealed that its National Sales Manager for India, Mr M. Ravi, will speak at the forthcoming ‘Casting a Greener Future’ conference in India on 18th March, 2017, at Hotel Radisson, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Mr M. Ravi will present on the topic of ‘Reliable Temperature Measurement in Iron Casting’ in the instrumentation technical session at the conference. His presentation will cover how portable non-contact thermometers are designed to help provide operators with precision spot temperature measurement and unmatched accuracy and reliability.

The 13th edition of Foundry event Casting a Greener Future is a great opportunity to showcase AMETEK Land’s innovative Cyclops 055L Meltmaster for foundries,” said Mr M. Ravi. “The unique features of this portable, non-contact pyrometer make it the ideal instrument for accurate non-contact temperature measurements of liquid metals in the foundry.”

The Cyclops 055L Meltmaster uses an advanced, noise rejection processing mode. This allows the real liquid metal temperature to be measured, regardless of high temperature sparks, water vapour and dust and smoke that can cause measurement errors.   The equipment can be operated single-handed, with contact-free measurement for better safety in hazardous environments. The Cyclops 055L Meltmaster is able to withstand harsh environments for extended periods due to its rugged instrument casing.

Calibrated to national standards, measurement accuracy is guaranteed with the Cyclops 055L. As well as Meltmaster, it can be used in three other modes: continuous, peak and valley, ensuring measurements can be taken to meet specific requirements.

The Land Cyclops Logger Software allows users to connect a Land Cyclops portable pyrometer to a mobile device and view, analyse and record live temperature readings, making data extremely easy to access.

The Cyclops L Meltmaster is both fast and accurate, easy to use, and does not come into contact with the liquid metal, saving both time and money in the foundry by reducing the number of dips required with disposable thermocouples.

Published: 15/03/2017 10:10

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