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Upcoming Webinar - 9th March - Fundamentals of Non-contact Temperature Measurement

Join us for our upcoming webinar 'Fundamentals of Non-contact Temperature Measurement' on 9 March 2017 (10 AM EST (7 AM PST) - Duration 1 hour), where we will introduce the fundamentals of non-contact temperature measurement. What industrial processes benefit from these kinds of measurement and why this technology can be advantageous? Many examples are discussed and comparisons with other temperature measurement methods are shown.


Contact temperature measurement systems are often used as a low-cost solution in many industrial production applications. But they also have drawbacks, including relatively short operating lives, poor applicability to certain environments, and lack of full thermal coverage sensing.
Non-contact temperature measurement systems can solve these problems. Common names for these instruments include radiation thermometers, infrared thermometers, infrared pyrometers, thermal line scanners and process thermal imagers.
Many non-contact continuous-process thermal imaging measurements are used for plant asset protection and extending the life of those assets. These thermal imaging devices provide full thermal coverage of an object, thus enabling better process control and improved understanding of previously unseen temperature anomalies. In production applications, such as those involving furnaces, non-contact devices can "see" and measure the temperature of an object rather than simply measuring the furnace environment's temperature.
In this webinar, AMETEK Land will discuss the physics and foundations behind today's non-contact temperature measurement systems. Attendees will be presented with many application specific measurement solution designs that have significantly improved the quality of manufactured products. In many cases these measurements will result in higher process yields and the reduction of manufacturing costs. Correct choice of this type of instrumentation can many times result in safety improvements.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn key steps to take before deciding to adopt non-contact measurement technology
  • Understand why different non-contact designs are necessary for low and high temperature measurements
  • Discover why non-contact measurement can be used where contact measurement is impossible


Richard Gagg, Market Sector Manager – Metals, AMETEK Land
Richard Gagg is AMETEK Land's Global Product Manager for temperature measurement systems. His expertise covers the company's full range of non-contact temperature products, including process thermal imagers.
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Published: 07/03/2017 11:44

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