Infrared Temperature Measurement | Combustion & Environmental Monitoring

Combustion Efficiency Monitors

LAND has a range of gas analysers suitable for boiler combustion monitoring and control. The close monitoring of oxygen, carbon monoxide and the sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature can help improve combustion efficiency, reduce excess air, reduce energy losses and prevent plant corrosion due to sulphuric acid formation.

WDG Oxygen Analyser Series 9000 CO Monitor Lancom 200 Acid Dewpoint Monitor
Measured Parameter Measurement Range
Carbon Monoxide (CO) - 0 - 10 000 ppm.m -
Oxygen (O2) 0 - 5 up to
0 - 25 %
- -
Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint
- - Yes
Combustion Efficiency Yes Yes  
Excess Air Yes Yes  
Boiler Control Yes Yes  
NOx Control   Yes  
Fuel Additive Control     Yes
Corrosion Protection     Yes
Monitoring Method Continuous Continuous Portable
Measurement Method Zirconia Oxide Probe
Cross-stack Infrared
Conductive Cell


FGA Series Compact Multigas CEMS

The FGA provides accurate measurement of carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and oxygen in flue gases. It is a compact, integrated CEMS for flue gas measurements on processes burning natural gas and biomass. It features a fully weatherproof enclosure sealed to IP65 and optional heating or cooling for extreme environments. 


Model 9100 - CO Monitor

Cross Stack, In-Situ Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Model 9100 cross stack infrared, in-situ carbon monoxide monitors provide high accuracy and reliability, coupled with straightforward installation and setup and is suitable for a wide range of industrial combustion efficiency monitoring applications. This carbon monoxide monitor is designed to provide the operator with a fast response measurement, essential to the efficient combustion control of any boiler system.

WDG 1200 & 1210 - Oxygen Analyser Systems

Range of Flue Gas Oxygen Analysers

A complete range of flue gas oxygen analysers for all applications.

Genesis WDG is a range of flue gas oxygen analysers developed specifically for combustion analysis and control applications. Unrivalled flexibility and ease-of-use enables the Genesis WDG  oxygen analyser systems range to meet all process requirements.

The range of Oxygen Analysers for General Purpose Applications includes in-situ measurement probes for a wide range of flue gas temperatures (0 - 675 °C / 32 - 1250 °F), local and remote control units, and an automatic calibration unit.


  • Combustion Efficiency and Control
  • NOx Reduction Systems
  • Excess Air Measurement
  • Pollution Control 

Lancom 200 Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature Monitor

Portable Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature Monitor

The latest dewpoint monitor from LAND - an unrivalled history which now extends over 40 years of design and manufacture of portable sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature instruments.