Infrared Temperature Measurement | Combustion & Environmental Monitoring

Infrared Temperature Measurement

Fixed Spot Thermometers


Fixed spot, thermometer systems and stand-alone thermometers, for continuous on-line temperature measurement and control within the range 0 to 2600 °C / 32 to 4700 °F.

Process Imaging


Process Imaging includes a range of products that provide thermal views of key plant locations, with the purpose of improving product quality, process control and asset management. Our range now includes: high speed scanners to view fast moving products and provide high accuracy temperature profiles across the width of the product. Our range of thermal imaging cameras are all fixed installation applications to provde 24 hour continuous monitorig. The NIR-Borescope is capable of looking inside a furnace to provide vital asset management and failure prevention  information.

Calibration Sources


Blackbody temperature calibration sources for maintaining measurement accuracy throughout the thermometer's lifetime.

Portable Non-Contact Thermometers


The Land Cyclops family of high quality portable non-contact thermometers provides precision spot temperature measurement with unmatched accuracy and reliability. Features such as precise view of target spot with simultaneous digital display of temperature in the viewfinder, choice of operating and calculating modes, digital output and out of range alarms are provided.