Infrared Temperature Measurement | Combustion & Environmental Monitoring

Iron and Steel

Continuous Caster - Spray Chamber Thermometer

Spray Chamber Temperature Measurement System

Temperature Measurement of the steel strand at various points within the continuous caster spray chamber is desirable to enable cooling rates in the chamber to be optimised, directly influencing both product quality and process efficiency.  Accurate monitoring of temperatures is invaluable in determining yield, pull rate and the final metallurgical properties of the metal.  Comparative temperatures in the spray chamber can also indicate crust thickness and the solidity of the core.

Reheat Furnace

Furnace Thermometer System - FTS

A radiation thermometer system, using two sensors, provides a continuous true temperature of the reheat furnace load and with it the possibility of big savings in operation costs.

Understrip Thermometer

Understrip Temperature Measurement System

Land ruggedized fibroptic systems located at different positions under the mill roller table view the target between the rolls and provide continuous accurate measurement, without contact, of the scale-free metal surface.

Rod and wire -Target Orbiter System

Wire and rod measurement at the Water Box

The Target Orbiter (TO) Thermometer is designed specifically to provide accurate temperature measurement on narrow, moving and intermittent targets.

Automated Torpedo Car Refractory Thermal Monitoring

Continuous thermal mapping of refractory condition

Integrated steel mills use torpedo cars to transport molten metal from the blast furnace.

Slag Detection System

Continuous thermal mapping to minimise slag carry-over in steel production

The LAND Slag Detection System is specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of continuous operation in the steel plant.

The rugged industrial sensor continuously views the tapping area. As the tap commences, the dedicated software automatically begins to record the tap. When the level of slag reaches the pre-determined level an alarm is generated to stop the tap. The tap recording will end and the data stored.

Full access to the tapping data is available to the operator for quality control purposes.

Vessel Manager - Ladle Refractory Monitoring System

Fixed Thermal Imaging System for Plant Safety and Cost Control

The Vessel Manager Ladle Refractory Monitoring System provides an accurate and reliable measurement solution to ensure plant safety and help set maintenance schedules in steel plants across the world.