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ARC Storage Pile Monitor

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Storage Pile Monitor for Coal and Biomass

ARC Storage Pile Monitor
The storage of coal and biomass in large piles carries with it a risk of spontaneous heating and combustion. There are many industry guidelines for safe management of storage piles, including recommendations for pile angles, compression and surface smoothing. Even strict adherence to these guidelines may, in some circumstances, not be enough. An early warning system to prevent the onset of early stage combustion remains the best and most reliable solution.

Key Features

  • VIEWING ANGLE - 11°, 22°, 44° or 60° angle provides thermal view, 384 x 288 resolution
  • OPTIONAL ATEX AND CLASS/DIVISION ENCLOSURES - Suitable for hazardous area applications
  • IP65/NEMA 4X SEALING - Maintains performance in any environment 
  • REMOTE MOTORISED FOCUS - Quicker installation, safe and convenient operation
  • STANDARD INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET - Direct connection to a range of I/O modules for simple, stand-alone
  • operation
  • MONITORING SOFTWARE - Image view with basic temperature data (Viewer), plus smart feature configuration (Viewer+), image recording, profiles, areas of interest, alarms

Key Benefits

  • Designed to provide hot spot detection in the harshest environments while providing the connectivity required for simple plant integration.
  • Simple alarm to initiate preventative action.
  • Designed to cover large storage areas.
  • Simple installation and fully automatic operation.
  • Designed for harsh environments, ensuring ultimate measurement reliability and availability.