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Continuous Caster - Spray Chamber Thermometer

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Spray Chamber Temperature Measurement System

The Problem

The environment inside the spray chamber is extremely hostile.  In addition to the high temperatures that a thermometer will be exposed to, there are also other problems such as high pressure water sprays and steam.
The surface to be measured may be partially obscured due to water droplets and steam in the field of view.

The Solution

The use of a Fibroptic thermometer system allows the sensitive electronics to be sited remotely.  A waterproof outer tube protects the Fibroptic light guide water ingress.  A high-pressure purge system keeps the lens clean and provides a relatively clean sight path to the measurement position.  The thermometer is positioned in the spray chamber to view the strand between rolls.  An additional processor provides the necessary signal processing functions to filter out the errors introduced by water, steam etc.

Recommended Instrumentation   

A short wavelength thermometer is required so that errors are minimised.  The thermometer must be accurate, free from drift and suitably protected against the harsh conditions encountered during operation.

Key Features

  • Easy installation with non-critical positioning
  • Simple, quick, no-tools probe removal
  • No electronics whatsoever inside the chamber
  • Minimal services – one non-critical air supply for purging. No water cooling