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Continuous Flare Stack Monitoring System

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Continuous Flare Stack Monitoring

ARC camera used for Flare Stack Monitoring

There is a requirement to constantly monitor the flare stack for the presence of a flame and to ensure that proper combustion has taken place. Infrared thermal imaging cameras are the ideal solution due to their improved reliability over traditional methods, and their ability to be remotely mounted in a more accessible location.

Typical Continuous Flare Stack Monitoring System

Typical Flare Stack Monitoring System

Key Benefits

  • High resolution radiometric thermal imager - Detailed thermal images with unsurpassed accuracy
  • 11° Lens - View the target, at any distance with outstanding clarity
  • Wide ambient temperature operating range - Install just about anywhere!
  • Remote, motorised focus -  Quicker installation, safe & convenient operation
  • IP65/NEMA 4X Sealing as Standard - Maintain performance in any environment
  • Direct connection to a range of I/O Modules via standard industrial ethernet -  Simple, stand-alone operation