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HotSpotIR for Conveyor Belts

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Early Detection of hotspots on the conveyor

HotSpotIR Conveyor Belts
Many materials that are transported on conveyors contain hot inclusions. These hot objects can damage belts or cause belt or material fires. Traditional temperature measurement methods are unable to detect small hot spots on a moving conveyor. 
A method of detecting these developing hot spots and sending an alarm to the process operators would prevent costly shutdowns. Traditional methods such as visual inspection and single point pyrometers do not have the speed nor the resolution to meet the application demands.
The HotSpotIR High-speed Scanning System is used to detect these emerging hot spots. The HotSpotIR makes 100 high resolution temperature scan lines every second while the hottest point measured is updated and output to the alarm processor every one hundredth of a second. The system covers a measuring range of 68 to 482 °F / 20 to 250 °C.


Key Features

  • DESIGN - Specifically designed for industrial environments. The HotSpotIR head is extremely compact and has a minimized depth and base “footprint” for installation in restricted spaces. For Belt Production, the HotSpotIR is small enough to be positioned under a belt just after the material has been transferred. It will measure the entire belt surface and alarm if any areas are above a safe temperature. Alarms can be used to trigger water sprays or suppression systems. Alternatively, for hot spot product detection, it can be positioned above the conveyor to monitor the material to determine hot spots. This can prevent hot items from being loaded, transported and causing fires later in the plant.
  • OPTICS - A durable, flush mounted sapphire window provides reliable protection for the system optics. Laser alignment allows easy setup A built-in laser targeting system aids alignment on to the target.
  • SCAN ANGLE & SPEED - Wide scan angle of 80° with 1000 temperature spots each scan- Monitor and protect the entire conveyor, even against small hotspots. Fast Scan Speed of up to 100Hz - Fast response, hottest temperature tracking.
  • HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS - HotSpotIR for hazardous locations versions available as an option.
  • DIRECT CONTROL SYSTEM INTEGRATION - Temperature measurements generated by the highspeed scanner are sent to a dedicated processor. The processor produces an alarm output set by the user to their desired value. This can be sent directly to the plant control system.

Key Benefits

  • Hot Spot detection using accurate temperature monitoring
  • Simple, reliable alarm processing without the need of software or a computer
  • Prevent hot particles entering the conveyor or storage area 
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Higher confidence in safety of transported and stored material
  • Reduce plant operating costs - reduce damage and downtime
  • Improve safety of employees - minimise fire risk
  • Continuous, automatic monitoring alarm condition indication