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Critical Vessel Refractory Monitoring

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Continuous thermal Imaging for Integrity checking

Typical Critical Vessel application

Limited Capability of Thermocouples
It has long been acknowledged that the most effective method for monitoring refractory integrity is through vessel skin temperature measurements. However this is typically performed using contact thermocouples bonded to the vessel surface and connected via a fibre optic mesh.
The measurement coverage on the vessel is often one measurement per 250cm2/0.25 ft2. Such systems are both expensive to install, require regular maintenance and often need to be replaced after less than 3 years of vessel operation.

Proven Monitoring System
The proven Critical Vessel Monitoring System from LAND is able to provide a significantly improved measurement density with one measurement per 16cm2/0.02 ft2 allowing earlier detection of refractory breakdown often before the problem becomes dangerous.
The system uses low maintenance, industrial thermal imaging cameras installed around the vessel to maximise the coverage of the entire vessel and provide complete coverage of the critical dome and cone sections.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum protection - Over 110,000 individual measurements per thermal imager, ensuring that even the smallest degradation in the refractory can be detected improving safety for both plant and personnel
  • Low cost of ownership - Installation and maintenance can be performed under a hot permit reducing the plant downtime
  • Reliable and robust - Industrial thermal imaging system which is designed for harsh environments, ensuring ultimate measurement reliability and availability backed up with a 36 month warranty and expected lifetime in excess of 10 years
  • Payback - Potential cost savings by extending refractory lifetime based on actual data rather than historic experience
  • Simple Integration - Integrated web interface allow visualization of current vessel condition from all plant locations with a network connection (user account on the server is required for additional security)