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Aluminium Strip Coiling Temperature

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Aluminium Coiler Process Thermal Imaging System

The Aluminium Strip Coiling system uses unique Coil Tracking software* to revolutionise product quality and process control in aluminium industry - through the introduction of 2-dimensional temperature profiling independent of alloy type.

The Coil Tracking software* eliminates the complex setup amd configuration requirements of using a thermal imager in the coiling of aluminium. With the configuration of as little as two key parameters, the software is able to detect the coil as it is formed, and track its position throughout the coiling process.

Coils can be analysed to generate temperature data for product quality tracking and process control.

Key Features

  • High resolution radiometric thermal image, giving detailed temperature information transmitted via a high speed digital connection
  • Designed specifically for Aluminium rolling mills- ensuring ultimate measurement reliability and availability
  • Special mounting - for quick and accurate optical alignment on the target area
  • Plug and Play Setup - Automatic detection and tracking of the optimum measurement position
  • Product Traceability - Automatic storage of temperature data from each coil for subsequent analysis
  • Process Control Variables - configurable parameters to improve product quality
  • Data Exchange - Processed data can be transferred
  • Fully configurable alarms

Key Benefits

  • Quality Control - detection of product quality issues prior to despatch - increased product traceability
  • Process Control - accurate temperature compensation of critical thickness gauges
  • Speed control based upon coiling temperature
  • Plant Safety - accurate monitoring of temperatures can prevent ignition of lubricant.