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Galvanneal Strip Thermometer - GST

The Land GST has been specifically developed to provide continuous and accurate measurement of both temperature and emissivity on coated steel strip during the galvanneal reaction.

Key Features

  • Accurate non contact temperature measurement on steel during the galvannealing process.
  • Automatic emissivity compensation for variations in the reaction zone.
  • Continuous emissivity readout for indication of extent of reaction.
  • Reliable, drift free operation with a minimum of maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • By maintaining control of the reaction zone, GST accomodates rapid changes of line speed and furnace power with changes of substrate or coating weight.
  • The furnace is optimised to reduce heating costs, maximise throughput and avoid excessive over-reaction which would resultin powdering or flaking of the coating during subseqent forming operations.
  • Land GST systems ensure the production of consistent, high quality, premium-coated steel, demanded by the automotive industry.
  • Without the close control provided by GST systems, manufacturers produce lower grade coated steels which cannot be sold to customers requiring premium-grade products.