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HotSpotIR - Supercalender Roll

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Hotspot Detection for Continuous Process Monitoring and Quality Control

Using the HotSpot IR to detect deterioration on the rolls themselves

As production rates and temperatures rise, the possibility of overheating a roll, causing a blister or losing the coating increases. Coated rolls can be repaired, but the cost can be tens of thousands of dollars and the associated downtime further adds to this. The coated rolls rotate at high speeds and some of the developing hot spots can be quite tiny so it is impossible to detect these developing problems by using traditional methods.

“One undetected hot spot can cause $40,000 to $100,000 in roll damage and repair”

Key Features

  • Fast Scan Speed of up to 100Hz
  • Outputs peak temperature for each scanline
  • Laser Alignment allows easy setup
  • Wide scan angle of 80°
  • Simple, reliable alarm processing without the need of software
  • Single cable connection between scanner head and processor
  • Compact size, ideally suited to restricted access locations 

Key Benefits

  • Decrease costly roll repairs
  • Increase production rates
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce down-time
  • Simple to install and setup