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Insight Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

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Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

Insight is a Windows™ based data acquisition software program, used for logging stack emissions measurement data directly from a LANCOM portable gas analyzer. Emissions data can be analyzed either as it is collected in real time, or during review of logged data. A range of statistical and graphical tools allow the user to perform measurements, manipulate, report, present and print data.

The portable gas analyser connects directly to a laptop or PC using a simple RS 232 connection.

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Key Features

  • Real-time data display, capture and storage
  • Range of display formats
  • Integrated statistical analysis functions
  • Range of calculations
  • User definable alarms with event monitoring
  • User-programmable averaging algorithms
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel or text file
  • Simple to use Windows-based software
  • Range of user-configurable sample triggers
  • Local or remote operation