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Lancom Portable Gas Analyser Sample Probes

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A Range of Sample Probes for all types of Application

Lancom portable analyser with choice of sample probes

The Lancom range of Portable Flue Gas Analysers features gas sample probes for varying applications. In applications where a standard probe is not suitable, or there is a special measurement requirement – select one of these alternative probes.

NOTE: Lancom Sample Probes are compatible with both Lancom III and Lancom 4 analysers

Standard Sample Probe – for gas temperatures up to 600 °C / 1112 °F
High Temperature Probe – for gas temperatures up to 1400 °C / 2552 °F
Smoke Probe – for analysis of smoke density using a Bacharach scale
Flow Probe – for analysis of gas flow rate, velocity and mass emissions calculations
DrySampler™ Probe – complete with integral sample gas drier for better measurement of soluble gases such as NO2 and SO2.

Key Features

  • Selection of probe tube length options
  • Range of flexible hose length options
  • Integral flue gas temperature thermocouple (except High Temperature Probe)
  • Standard, replaceable particulate filter (Standard & DrySampler™ Probes only)