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LSP-HD 10 - Iron & Steel

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Thermal Imaging and Temperature Profiles for Continuous Process Monitoring and Quality Control

LAND Landscan LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner Sensor Head

The LSP-HD achieves high definition thermal imaging from a combination of fast scan speeds, an industry leading up to 150Hz, and high resolution optics - 1000 samples per scan line, regardless of scan speed.

The LSP-HD represents the latest generation of LANDSCAN line scanner products. The product is an enhancement to the LSP range and adds Ethernet connectivity directly from the scanner head while maintaining compatibility with existing mountings to allow direct replacement in current installations. 

The LSP-HD line scanner utilises the footprint of the LSP scanner design with the addition of integral digital processor and communications. These improvements provide a digitised emissivity adjusted temperature data stream via an industrial M12 Ethernet connector.

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Key Features

  • High Resolution, user focusable optical system allowing detection of small temperature differences across the width of the product providing optimum product quality through improved process control
  • Designed for operation in harsh industrial environments – sealed to IP65 (NEMA4) and for ambient temperatures up to 200°C (390°F) ensuring maximum measurement availability and longer instrument life
  • Plug and Play installation via a single cable connection, reducing installation time, costs and complexity
  • Range of data output formats for easy connection to the process control system
  • Direct Ethernet connectivity from the head via an industrial standard M12 connector with Power-over-Ethernet.
  • The maximum scan rate of 150Hz while maintaining the full 1000 samples per scan line

Key Benefits

  • Improved product quality and operating profitability
  • Closer control of heating and manufacturing processes
  • Detect product defects and heating problems quickly
  • Reduced set-up time and scrap rate
  • Automated quality monitoring