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LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner for Thermal Process Imaging

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Industry Application Recommended Scanner
Cement Rotary Kilns, Conveyors, Dryers LSP-HD 60
Conveyors Cement, Asphalt, Coke LSP-HD 60
Glass Floatline, Automotive, Holloware, Bending, Toughening/Tempering, Annealing, Solar Panels LSP-HD 50
Iron & Steel

Hot Strip Mill - Roughing Mill Entry/Exit, Coil Box, Edge Heaters, Continuous/Multi-Strand Caster

Hot Plate Mill - Roughing Mill Entry/Exit, Hot Leveller

Hot Beam Mill - Beam, Beam Caster, Jumping Beam Detection

Reheat Furance Exit, Rod & Wire


Hot Strip Mill - Cooling Section

Hot Plate Mill - Run-out Table

Continuous Annealing Line - Top of Snout before Zinc Pot

Annealing Furnaces

Galvanising & Galvanneal Lines

 LSP-HD 20

 Torpedo Cars, Ladle safety, Coated Steel

Galvanising Line (top Roll Position)

 LSP-HD 60
   Paint Coating Lines  LSP-HD 71
 Non-Wovens  Non-Wovens (Paper Rolls, Webs)  LSP-HD 60
 Plastics  PVC, Polycarbonates, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PET, Cellulose Acetate and Polystyrene, Thin Plastics, Thermoforming  LSP-HD 71
   Plastics Extruders, Thermoforming  LSP-HD 60
 Other Industries  Cold Rolling, Coating Processess, Building Products  LSP-HD 60