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LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner for Thermal Process Imaging

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Direct Ethernet connectivity

This is provided on the infrared linescanner head via an industrial standard M12 connector; the implementation of Power-over-Ethernet or PoE allows the LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner to maintain the single cable connection which LSP systems. Customers who already have an IEEE 802.3at PoE standard switch will be able to connect and power an LSP-HD infrared linescanner using an M12 to RJ45 adaptor cable and one of the standard LSP-HD connection cables without any further hardware.

Increased Scan Speed

The maximum scan speed has been increased to 150Hz while maintaining the full 1000 samples per scan line. 

PC Independent Operation

The LSP-HD infrared linescanner head can internally process up to 14 control zones with alarm functionality. These can be transferred to the customer:

  • directly via a TCP/IP message
  • as analogue signals using the LSP-HD I/O processor

With this architecture the processed data is supplied directly from the LSP-HD infrared linescanner head ensuring data availability independent of PC operation. This is a significant benefit when using the LSP-HD system for process control: if the PC fails, vital process control signals will not be lost.

LSP-HD I/O Processor

The LSP-HD I/O Processor is a configurable system to provide access to processed data in the LSP-HD Head. It's compact DIN rail mounted footprint combined with a standard RJ45 Ethernet interface allows it be located away from the harsh measurement environment and mounted discretely in existing equipment cabinets.

  • Flexible configuration to meet individual plant requirements - a single processor can be interfaced with up to 8 LSP-HD heads
  • Expansion Capabilities - additional modules can be easily be added in the field as the need for additional processed data arises

By utilising data from the existing Ethernet link no additional cables are required to access processed data and the I/O Processor can be conveniently positioned closed to the customers PLC.

Plug and Play Installation

The LSP-HD is “plug and play” compatible with LANDSCAN WCA software: no head specific configuration of the software is necessary before use, the software automatically detects the scanner type and range.