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LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner for Thermal Process Imaging

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Low Temperature (C): 20 High Temperature (C): 1500
Low Temperature (F): 68 High Temperature (F): 2732

Technical Details

  LAND LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner Head

Scan Angle 80° (software adjustable to 40°)
Scan Speed 10 - 150Hz (user adjustable in 1Hz increments)
Number of Samples 1000 samples
Connection Industrial Ethernet via M12 Connector
Signal Processing Up to 14 user configurable zones with min / max / average / quantile / average threshold
Alarms based on the 14 zones
I/O PoE enabled TCP/IP Industrial Ethernet
Ambient Temperature (Specified) 5 to 60°C / 41 to 140°F
Ambient Temperature (Operating) 5 to 70°C / 41 to 158°F
Dimensions (w x h d) 206 x 209 x 100mm / 8.1 x 8.2 x 3.9 in
Laser Class 2, maximum output 1.0mW at 635nm, IEC60825-1:2001
Indicating scan plane and extent
Environmental IP65