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Liquid Metal Temperature Measurement System

Measuring the temperature of liquid metals

Designed specifically for the foundry industry, to measure molten metal temperatures at the furnace, or pour, without disrupting the process, the Liquid Metal Temperature Measurement System is a stand-alone system that can also be utilized for automated process control and has the flexibility to be configured to monitor and display up to four separate pour temperatures simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Non contact measurement does not interrupt casting process.
  • Operates at a wavelength which is specially selected to ensure maximum freedom from errors due to variable emissivity and atmospheric absorption.
  • Simple alignment with adjustable focus and through-thelens sighting.
  • Analog and alarm outputs provide process control and automated notification of out-of range metal temperatures.
  • Graphical and numerical displays to monitor metals temperatures .

Key Benefits

  • Reduces operating costs while improving casting quality.
  • Continuous monitoring of molten metal in the foundry with System 4 or the Cyclops 055L Meltmaster.
  • Rugged housing designed to withstand harsh foundry environment (System4)