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Recent product development has enabled Land Infrared to offer on-line systems and portable thermometers providing accurate, easy to use, non contact temperature measurement. These instruments are designed to replace the old system of expensive, disposable dip thermocouples used to measure molten metal temperatures.

Land has combined the latest ultra-short wavelength technology with application experience based on over 60 years in the industry to develop a system that is unrivalled for accuracy, ease of use and response time.

Designed specifically for the foundry industry, the Liquid Metal Temperature Measurement System is a stand-alone system that can also be utilized for automated process control and has the flexibility to be configured to monitor and display up to four separate pour temperatures simultaneously.

The Problem: Measuring molten metal temperatures at the furnace, or pour, without disrupting the process.

The Solution: Either a portable hand held thermometer Land Cyclops L Meltmaster for spot measurement or a fixed on-line system for continuous liquid metal temperatures.