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Model 4650-PM Compliance Particulate Matter Monitor

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Model 4650-PM

Model 4650_pm particulate monitor

The Model 4650-PM is highly sensitive and meets US-EPA Performance Specification 11 (PS-11). The measurement technique has a high signal to noise ratio even at very low dust concentrations below 0.1mg/m3.The Model 4650 is suitable for modern industrial plant, where emissions are controlled well below the application and minimum detection limit of traditional optical transmission systems.



How does it work? (see diagram below)

A laser diode light beam is directed through the measurement volume of a probe, positioned in a representative location within the stack. Particles in the stack flow freely through the measurement volume and scatter the laser beam in all directions including a cone of light in the near forward direction.

How the Model 4650 works

This cone of scattered light is collected and reflected via an inclined mirror and quartz rod to a detector located outside the stack environment. The resulting scatter signal is measured and is proportional to dust concentration for a particular particle size and being in the near forward direction is relatively immune to changes in particle type and refractive index.

A span or contamination check is automatically performed by periodically rotating a scattering material into the laser beam ahead of the measurement volume and comparing the resulting scattered response to a benchmarked level.

Key Design Features

Forward Scatter

As particles travel through the laser beam, they scatter light in all directions. The strongest scattering is in the forward direction

NO Moving Parts In the Measurement Path

The optical path is fixed for maximum stability and reliability. The only moving part if the automatic calibration device

Calibration Check

Automatic check of zero and upscale calibration

Wide Temperature Range

There are no delicate components in the stack, so the Model 4560-PM can be used in in flue gas temperatures up to 500 °C (930°F)


Key Features

Features and Benefits

  • Large area collection optics - Better detection limit
  • Low angle forward-scatter measurement - Reduced sensitivity to particle size
  • Wide measurement range - Measures concentrations from 0.05 to 300 mg/m3
  • No moving parts in measurement path - Highest stability and reliability
  • Wide stack gas temperature range - Standard temperatures up to 250 ºC (480 ºF), High temperature option up to 500 ºC (930 ºF)
  • Built-in data log - Improved data security and troubleshooting
  • Regulatory compliance - EPA PS-11, MATS, Boiler MACT
  • Range of outputs - TCP-IP Ethernet, RS485, 4-20 mA outputs

Note: Not suitable for applications with water droplets