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Model FG - Measuring temperature in glass production

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Glass Forehearth Thermometer

Model FG Glass Forehearth Thermometer

The AMETEK Land Fibre-optic Model FG radiation thermometer is a 2-wire temperature sensor which has been specifically designed to solve measurement problems and improve control of process temperatures in the glass industry.
Model FG is primarily intended for monitoring and controlling glass or refractory temperatures in the forehearth, but also in the regenerator, tank and refiner. However, it can also be used for cost effective temperature measurement in a range of other applications

Key Benefits

  • Minimal services - no water cooling required.
  • Simple 2-wire 4-20mA current loop installation.
  • Accurate and reliable measurement up to 1650°C/3000°F.
  • Built-in test facility.
  • Emissivity adjustment.
  • No on-line calibration required.
  • Continuous measurement - rapid interchangeability of system.
  • Calibration traceable to National Standards