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Borescope Helps Improve Furnace Operations for Glass Producer Holophane

Holophane, a leader in lighting solutions since 1921, has implemented AMETEK Land’s new Near Infrared Borescope (NIR-B) Glass, an enhanced thermal imager, at its plant in France and now is reaping major benefits by accurately measuring temperature within its glass melt tank.  


Thermal Imaging Enhances Glass-melt Process
Adding thermal-imaging capabilities that enable operators to maintain an accurate visual of the entire glass-melt tank, as well as take temperature measurements at any point in the process and in any location within the tank, is invaluable. Find out more in the latest IEEE Engineering Brief ‘Thermal Imaging Enhances Today’s Complex Glass-melt Process’, sponsored by AMETEK Land, and understand how the NIR Borescope (NIR-b) delivers a new approach.