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NIR - Borescope - Temperature Profiles inside Furnaces

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NIR-b Fixed Thermal Imaging Camera

The NIR Borescope can give the operator access to data which would have previously been either highly time consuming to collect or perhaps completely unknown. Through collecting this data the operator can begin to increase the efficiency of the furnace/melt tank, improving product quality and reducing process costs.

Using LIPS (Land Image Processing System) the operator has the ability to set points or areas of interest and measure live data points as well as storing and trending this data for future analysis.  By monitoring the live video, it can allow the operator to configure the correct, most efficient firing pattern and achieve optimum performance from the burners. This can save significant costs through reducing fuel usage and gaining the best possible performance from the furnace/melt tank

The NIR-b offers the operator numerous advantages over the existing techniques:

  • The operator gets a high resolution radiometric image of the process meaning a live temperature value can be obtained from any point on the image.
  • Automated alarm outputs can instantly alert the user to any problems within the process
  • Any air leaks and glass leaks, which are detrimental to the efficiency of the furnace are clearly visible and simple to detect
  • A clear profile of the flame is easily visible
  • The operator has access to more than 324,000 live temperature data points
  • Thermocouple can alert to product overheating
  • Coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Improve plant safety by removing personnel from the dangerous environment of the application
  • Monitor all positions from the safety of the control room
  • Long term data trending
  • Fuel optimisation meaning significant savings on gas

Key Benefits

  • Accurate, high resolution radiometric thermal imaging camera provides high definition temperature maps enabling precise product control and monitoring
  • Short wavelength sensor provides low sensitivity to emissivity changes and can be used through existing glass or quartz view ports.
  •  Resolution of 656 x 494 pixels gives 324,000 live temperature data points.
  •  Dedicated software with data points, areas of interest, automated alarms and long term data trending
  • 24 hour, 7 day monitoring solution means accurate trending information with no missing data
  • Live data points mean measurements are taken from exactly the same point each time. This removes operator error from collected information
  •  Shutter less operation ensures 100%measurement availability (i.e. no blind times)
  • The thermocouple located at the tip of the NIR-b can alert the operator if the instrument temperature is rising to unsafe levels, it can be removed from the process and avoid damage
  • 24 Month Warranty gives ownership piece of mind