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NIR - Borescope - Temperature Profiles inside Furnaces

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What advantages does the Borescope have?

Building on more than twenty years experience with infrared technology Land has continued to widen its range of temperature measurements solutions by launching the NIR Borescope. With the NIR Borescope it is possible to use the
proven technology of NIR Thermal Imager to accurately profile the temperature of the entire furnace with only a small opening in the wall.

Thermal imaging inside refractory lined furnaces, boilers and glass melt tanks normally requires the plant operator to cut large openings in the refractory to enable viewing of the critical area. This can cause significant wasted energy from heat
loss and can be difficult to keep the opening free from debris. The NIR-b has a 90° viewing angle, through a narrow opening to overcome this.

Why traditional methods of monitoring are highly limited?

The NIR-Borescope offers significant advantages over some of the traditional methods of furnace monitoring, including Visual Inspection (can take hours to comple and isn’t continuous), a Visual Camera (does not provide a termperature reading) or using Thermocouples (regular failure or loss of connections).