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Landscan Windows Control and Analyse (WCA) Software

The LANDSCAN WCA software builds upon the proven capabilities of the fully featured LANDSCAN for Windows NT product.

Key Features

  • Multi-scanner operation.
  • Extremely flexible display capabilities, being a genuine MDI Windows application.
  • Simultaneous display and processing of multiple live data streams with historical data streams.
  • Fully scaleable input/output capabilities to suit application requirements.
  • Powerful post processing capabilities including an auto size product to window and multi-window linked cursors function.
  • Automatic post product comparison with know good product.
  • Tagging and linking of multiple live data streams to create a Production Process oriented product database.
  • Distributed processing offers high reliability analog output availability for process control applications direct from LANDSCAN Control processors.
  • Combined Data Source facility to extend product coverage using multiple LANDSCAN Heads.
  • Optional interfacing with external process sensors including process speed sensors, weld detectors, HMDs etc. via LANDSCAN Control Processor.
  • Network links to external plant/process computers allow rapid transfer of packaged and highly processed data sets.
  • Optional support of multiple LANDSCAN WCA Client workstations - accessing both live and historical data through the LANDSCAN WCA Data Server workstation.
  • Offline Client software available to provide access to historical data for quality control purposes.