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Furnace Thermometer System - FTS

Reheat Furnace Thermometer System

The Measurement The first sensor, a radiation thermometer operating at a wavelength of 3.9μm, measures the apparent temperature of the furnace load. The output from this thermometer contains a component which is due to radiation from the hot background being reflected from the load. A second sensor measures the background temperature. The outputs from the two sensors are applied to a thermometers signal processor which continuously computes the true load temperature corrected for the background radiation.

Key Features

  • True load temperature continuously displayed
  • Suitable for use on gas-fired plus light/heavy oil furnaces
  • Suitable for a wide range of furnace applications, where background reflections cause problems with single thermometer systems

Key Benefits

  • Two sensor system compensates for background radiation temperatures
  • The thermometers have been specifically designed for this application
  • The dedicated signal processor continuously displays the corrected true load temperature
  • High system measurement accuracy
  • Benefit from over 60 years experience in temperature measurement solutions