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Rod and wire -Target Orbiter System

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Wire and rod measurement at the Water Box

Target Orbiter Thermometers are available in both System 4 and UNO stand alone radiation thermometer formats. Combining fast, millisecond response with peak picker signal processing, they represent a single, compact and very elegant solution to many measurement problems

The Target Orbiting thermometers are available to both the SYSTEM 4 and UNO families. They use an internal scanning SYSTEM to make the target spot sweep in a circular orbit.

This low speed scanning allows these thermometers to search out small or moving targets, and when combined with a peak-picking processor will provide continuous indication from the resulting intermittent measurements.

The scanning motion is achieved using a small prism located just in front of the detector to produce an off-axis displacement of the beam.  A motor rotates the prism so that the image of the detector field stop then sweeps around in a circle.  The target spot viewed by the main lens then also rotates around the mechanical axis.

The chosen scan rate matches both the fields of view and the response times of these thermometers, so that good measurements are made on targets only slightly wider than a single spot size.