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Slag Detection System

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Continuous thermal mapping to minimise slag carry-over in steel production

Slag Detection System - camera plus software

The Slag Detection System has been developed using Land's expert knowledge of the application and over 60 years of experience in the steel industry to monitor and aid control of slag carry-over from one process to another.

The Slag Detection System is specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of continuous operation in the steel plant, with a minimum maintenance requirement. The industrial thermal imaging sensor is housed in a rugged, water-cooled and air purged enclosure, continuously viewing the tapping area. As the tap commences, the dedicated software automatically begins to record the tap as well as producing a data log and graph of the relevant steel/slag data.

When the level of slag reaches the pre-determined level and alarm is generated (see above) to stop the tap. The recording will end and the files saved by tap number. Full access of the tapping data is available to the operator for quality control purposes.

Note: This product is not available in the USA or Canada.

Key Features

  • Alarms generated by the system directly stop the tap before the slag is carried over
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Enhanced data output for tap analysis
  • Accurate detection independent of charge weight
  • Reliable alarm independent of the operator
  • Product Traceability - Automatic storage of temperature data from each coil for subsequent analysis

Key Benefits

  • Improved production yield
  • Lower slag content - improving steel quality
  • Lower maintenance on BOF/EAF vessel
  • Reduced energy costs