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SPOT Actuator

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SPOT Actuator


The SPOT Actuator provides remotely controlled target alignment of a SPOT pyrometer for industrial processing applications, specifically for aluminium applications using the SPOT AL EQS (Aluminium Extrusion, Quench and Strip) pyrometer.
The SPOT Actuator is a motorised unit which is designed for use at the billet reheat furnace exit, die entrance and exit and quench exit on aluminium extrusion presses and is capable of operating in automatic or operator controlled modes to suit the needs of an individual aluminium plant.


Key Features

  1. SMOOTH & ACCURATE MOVEMENT 900 positional increments over 90 degrees
  2. AUTOSCAN FUNCTION Scan across a user configurable range and automatically go to hotspot
  3. SIMPLE INSTALLATION On furnace and press superstructures
  4. DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS Between Pyrometer, Actuator and Press Control Systems
  5. ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY Low voltage, simple, safe and precise
  6. MANUAL OPERATION Move left and right and initiate ‘autoscan’ from optional remote
  7. ONLINE ACCESS View temperature graph, operate virtual remote, set scan range, triggering and network options
Note: Photo shows SPOT Actuator with SPOT AL EQS within Light Purge.

Key Benefits

  • Direct Communications - remote controlled or automatic target alignment by Actuator of SPOT pyrometer
  • Accurate Alignment - taking 900 measurement points over 90 degrees, aligns on optimum measurement position on profile
  • Multiple Locations - reheat furnace exit, press entrance, press exit and quench exit 
  • Die Exit - temperature measurement fed back to press control system
  • Rapid Alignment - accurate repositioning following die changes
  • Compact, Quick and Easily Configurable - control locally or remotely over Ethernet or via 24V digital I/O