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SPOT Range of Non-contact Thermometers

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SPOT/System 5 standard & fibre-optic models

The NEW SPOT range is an innovative stand-alone infrared thermometer design with advanced integrated processing capabilities. The latest technologies utilized in SPOT make non-contact infrared temperature measurement accurate, flexible and easy to use.

Note: The Patented Green Flashing Spot LED is Patent applied and pending

Model Ref. Measuring Range


Wavelength µm Applications
M100 500-1800 ºC / 932-3272 ºF (overall) Single 1.0 Iron& Steel, Glass, Metal Forging
M100 F.O. 500-1800 °C/ 932-3272 ºF (overall) Single 1.0 Glass, Metal Forging
M160 250-1600 ºC / 482-2912 ºF (overall) Single 1.6 Hot Rolling Mill, Metal Forging, Heat Treatment
M160 F.O. 250-1600 ºC / 482-2912 ºF (overall) Single 1.6 Heat Treatment, Forging
M210 50 to 1100 °C/ 122 to 2012 °F Single 2.3 Cold Rolling, Galvannealing, Weld pre-heating,
Heat Treatment

400 to 1800 °C /752 to 3272 °F (overall)

Multi - Ratio & Single 1.0 and 1.2 Heat Treatment, Hot Rolling Mill, Cement
R100 F.O. 400 to 1800 °C /752 to 3272 °F (overall) Multi - Ratio & Single 1.0 and 1.2 Heat Treatment, Polysilicon, Forging
R160 250 to 1600 °C / 482 to 2912 °F (overall) Multi - Ratio & Single 1.0 and 1.5 Heat Treatment, Carburizing, Plasma Nitriding
R160 F.O. 250 to 1600 °C / 482 to 2912 °F (overall) Multi - Ratio & Single 1.0 and 1.5 Heat Treatment, Induction Heating
R210 125 to 1100 °C / 257 to 2012 °F Multi - Ratio & Single 2.1 and 2.4 Induction Heating, Wedge Measurement,
Heat Treatment

New Range of available Products

M210 50 to 1100 °C/ 122 to 2012 °F - Single wavelength  2.3 µm

R210 125 to 1100 °C/ 257 to 2012 ° F  Multi - Ratio/2-color & Single 2.1 µm and 2.4 µm

What makes the SPOT Thermometer unique ?

  • The combination of Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Video and analog all from one device
  • Confirmation of focus distance and spot size
  • Multiple form factors enable easy replacement of other thermometers
  • Uses two independent wavelength measurements for the Ratio and Multi modes


The R100 & F.O plus the R160 & F.O. and R210 offer 5 differing operating modes


SPOT Thermometer & Fibre-optic versionFIVE OPERATING MODES

The operating modes are selectable from the menu system:

Ratio    Short wavelength ratio design

Mono 1    Shorter wavelength, medium to high temperatures

Mono 2    Longer wavelength, low to medium temperatures

Multi    Extended range - Ratio/2-color in the mid and high range with low temperature monochromatic with Emissivity correction

Duo    Extended range - Mono 2 at low temperatures, Mono 1 at high temperatures, using a combination of the two at medium temperatures

This flexibility of design enables the SPOT R models to adapt to multiple temperature measurement scenarios.  Change your materials or process parameters and continue to use the same instrument.  

Updating from an older sensor to SPOT form factor is flexible and easy.

Key Features

  • Wide range of models - range now include Fibre-optic models for tackling difficult to access applications
  • Single person installation at sensor location - local display and settings; no need for a second person in the control room
  • Industry standard 4-20mA linear temperature output - in addition to other outputs
  • Software - SPOTViewer provides remote graphical display and data logging of multiple SPOT pyrometers 
  • Password Access - prevents unauthorized tampering
  • Durable Sapphire Protection Window (not on the F.O. models) - resists scratches, solvents and easily cleaned with a soft or rough cloth
  • Modbus TCP - widely used and popular industrial protocol over Ethernet
  • Single Sensor Solution - Ideal for use with customer PLC’s or DCS systems; no requirement for a separate processor. Easy to implement in small or large organizations
  • LED measurement alignment  - Patented* Green Flashing LED (standard bodied) Red LED for Fibre-optic models
  • Range of Mountings - for standard-bodied and fibre-optic variants for Laboratory to the harshest industrial environments

*Patent pending