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SPRINT 8 Digital Thermometer (US only)

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For Process Monitoring and Control Applications

For sale in the US only - please contact your US office

Sprint 8 is a rugged and compact digital infrared thermometer with a wide temperature range - from less than room temperature up to 1800F.  Ouput is a standard loop powered 2-wire 4-20mA DC.

Models with optional Green LED aiming diodes are available. This feature simplifies alignment when a measurement object is otherwise difficult to target. The Green LED spot size and location approximates the actual measurement spot size at the measurement distance. To make installation easy Sprint 8 is housed in a solid stainless steel tubular body with a 40mm x 1.5 external thread. Optional cooling jackets and air purges allow Sprint 8 to operate in hostile environments.


USB Configuration

A USB configuration interface on the rear of the Sprint 8 allows configuration of Temperature measurement span, Emissivity, °F or °C reading and response speed.

In research and laboratory environments the Sprint 8 can be operated exclusively over it’s USB connection to the supplied EasySpot for Windows interface software.

Key Features

  • Machined from durable stainless steel to survive harsh environments
  • Compact size allows easy installation in tight areas
  • Standard 2-wire 4-20mA loop output for simple connectivity
  • Digital design provides flexible configuration of top[ and bottom temperature, emissivity adjustment and reponse speed