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System 4 High Precision Infrared Non-contact Thermometers

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Non-contact, high precision temperature measurement

System 4 Standard and Fibroptic Thermometers

SYSTEM 4 high precision infrared non-contact thermometers offer exceptional flexibility with a choice of single wavelength, ratio, fibroptic and fibroptic ratio models.

Thermometer type, temperature range, spectral response and optical characteristics are chosen to suit any application from 0 to 2600°C.

System 4 comprises an advanced range of high precision radiation thermometers, LANDMARK® processors and a range of mounting accessories which combine to form a complete temperature measurement system.

Non contact temperature measuring systems are designed for continuous quality and process monitoring and control in a wide range of industries including: Iron & Steel, Glass, Plastics, Rubber, Minerals, Paper... and many more.


Key Features

  • Fully interchangeable thermometer and processors ensure maximum flexibility without the need for recalibration.
  • Wide range of thermometers with focusable, through-the-lens sighting or flexible fibroptics with optional laser targeting.
  • Small target capability
  • Wide range of highly effective mounting accessories
  • Rugged, flexible, modular design
  • Accurate, reliable, drift-free measurement
  • Industry standard outputs to suit any process monitoring, recording or control system

Key Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

  • Focusable optics - standard and short focus versions with through-the-lens sighting  - providing clear and guaranteed definition of target.
  • Optional close-up lenses - giving measurement of targets as small as 0.45mm.
  • Accurate, reliable, drift-free measurement - total confidence in the measured readings
  • Rugged design with a range of mounting options - suitable for all measurement environments
  • Flexible fibre optics light guide versions - with optional laser targeting system to define target spot.
  • High level linear output - simple and straightforward outputs to external devices