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SPOT Viewer Software

System 5 SPOT Overview

A valuable addition - LAND SPOTViewer software allows you to configure, display and log data from up to 254 different thermometer locations.  To ensure security with multiple users, various levels of access are available.  Data log frequency, file size, save and Archive locations are all configurable.  SPOTViewer is the perfect choice for smaller operations where advanced process control systems may be absent.


Key Benefits

What can SPOT Viewer do?

The key features of the SPOT Viewer interface are:

•          Instrument view - graphical representation of the control panel of the LAND spot thermometer.  Displays temperature values and allows access to the thermometer menu system.  Also allows you to take a snapshot image of the target being viewed by the thermometer.

•          Grid view - a tabulated view of temperature readings in date/time order.

•          Trend view - a graphical trace of temperature readings, also in date/time order.

•          Menu - provides access to additional options i.e. Data-logger and User Management

•          Status bar - gives an overview of the system connections and displays error messages in the event of a fault.