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Understrip Thermometer

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Understrip Temperature Measurement System

For the steelmaker involved in the hot rolling of steel slabs or billets, knowledge of steel temperature is vitally important. Accurate measurement of the steel temperature can be invaluable in determining the final metallurgical properties and quality of the metal.
Land ruggedized fibroptic systems located at different positions under the mill roller table view the target between the rolls and provide continuous accurate measurement, without contact, of the scale-free metal surface.

Key Features

  • Simple installation with non critical positioning.
  • Quick, simple no-tools probe removal.
  • Electronics positioned remotely at a safe distance.
  • Minimal services - only clean air supply for purging. No water cooling required.
  • The thermometer interfaces with a Landmark Graphic signal processor.
  • A range of thermometers are available depending on the temperature range required.