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Incinerator Thermometer - CDA

The CDA thermometer is intended for measurement of the atmosphere temperature in waste incinerators.

It can be used for gas or flame temperature measurement in a variety of other plant situations provided there is sufficient path length.
Its reading is unaffected by cold CO2 so it will 'see through' a cold combustion atmosphere to measure a hot atmosphere beyond.

Key Benefits

• The CDA thermometer fits the standard Land System 4 mounting accessories and protection jackets which can be air or water-cooled. The sighting tube should normally be air-purged.

• The thermometer operates on a simple 2-wire loop connection and outputs a 4 to 20mA signal linear with temperature.

• The thermometer reading is insensitive to the presence of gasses other than CO2 and is relatively insensitive to particulate matter in the atmosphere - i.e. it measures true gas temperature.