Infrared Temperature Measurement | Combustion & Environmental Monitoring


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Measuring Opacity and Particulate Emissions From Combustion Processes

15:00 UK / 10:00 EST for 1.0 hour

An opacity monitor provides a simple and robust means for emissions monitoring in combustion processes, but under some conditions a particulate matter (PM) monitor may be necessary. This webinar will introduce the concepts behind opacity and particulate measurement, describe the key technologies and provide detailed insight into the requirements for a successful installation.


Key Take-Aways
- Understand what opacity and particulate measurement techniques are
- Learn the factors for a successful installation and measurement
- Understand the importance of air purge


Derek Stuart is Global Product Manager - Power at AMETEK Land with more than 25 years' experience in industrial gas measurements. Dennis Delmastro is Global Industry Manager - Power at AMETEK Land and has spent over 25 years in the air emissions, environmental compliance, and energy industries. 

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Improving Safety in Fuel Storage and Processing

15:30 UK / 10:30 EST for 1.0 hour

Presented by Derek Stuart, Global Product Manager - Power
For AMETEK Land Staff and Sales Channels

Spontaneous heating and spontaneous combustion are hazards associated with the handling and storage of sub-bituminous coal and woody biomass. AMETEK Land has a range of products which can give early warning of hazardous conditions, so site operators can take appropriate preventative action. The webinar will describe the hazards and the ways that Land can help.

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